Geraldine Lyons
Loic Bezon

Who were married in Gougane Barra
On Monday 26th of September 2011

Gougane Barra Church and Forest Park are located 5km west of
Ballingeary on R584 to Bantry in West Cork, at the Pass of Keimaneigh.


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The name Guágan Barra derives from St. Finbar, who according to tradition, built his monastery on the island here in the 6th century. Guágan was at one time part of the territories of the O'Leary's who lost possession of the land in the plantation that followed the Cromwellian wars.

Subsequently it passed to the Townsend family and ultimately the farming tenants under the Land Acts in the early part of this century. The ruins on the island are not part of St. Finbar's original settlement but were erected around 1700 by Rev. Denis O'Mahony who, following the footsteps of St. Finbar, retired to a life of asceticism here.

Because of its isolation, in the days of the Penal Laws people travelled from areas far beyond the bounds of the valley to hear Mass in Guágan Barra. One of the most famous 'Mass Path' was that which led from the Borlin Valley to the west via Gowlane Stream and down into Com Rua by way of the savage cleft of Poll.

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