Digital Photography Classes.

I will be soon starting an eight week Digital Photography Class in
Mary Immaculate Community College Dunmanway

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From Dunmanway

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Do You Own a Digital Camera ?

Do you know what all the buttons and menus are for ?
Do you just let the Camera in your bag or in your pocket,
because the photos you take will be too dark, or too bright,
or not the way you would like them to be?

If you are interested in Digital Photography,
or if you have a camera and do not make a lot of use it

Or maybe you have a camera and know a little about it,
but would like to know more

Why not consider doing a Digital Photography Course ?

With as little as six or eight people, it would be possible to run a course,

In your local community center, school, or even in someone's own home

All that is required is a room with a table or two.
I will bring the rest

Suggest it to your local Community groups, Parent Association, Boards of Management, ICA, Flower Club, Golden Years etc.

You will be surprised by the number of people who will be interested.

Give me a call on the number below and we can arrange a time that will suit

We can also discuss cost, you will be surprised how little it can cost.

All courses are conducted with the use of my own
laptop and Multimedia Projector.
Each student will receive over 100 pages of illustrated notes

If you would like to see a sample of the
Text from the Class Notes


I can also do a one night talk on
How to use your Digital Camera and/or
Photo Restoration

(Or The Title of your choice)


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